"So, You're Earning Over $100k A Year - Yet Some Parts Of Your Life Are STILL Crap!"

By Most Peoples' Standards Your Life Should Be GREAT! Yet, Something Is Missing. Read On To Discover Why I KNOW I Can Help You Have What You Want In EVERY Area Of Your Life...

Hi. This is Gary Vurnum.

Unless you do it right, success at anything usually comes at a price. Almost every day you see wealthy people mess up marriages through working too hard, or go to an early grave because of the stress of trying to keep all the balls in the air to please everyone.

Well...I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like that. There ARE successful people just like you on this planet where EVERY area of their life is generally great (life would be boring if everything was perfect!). These people have great careers or their own successful business yet NEVER HAVE TO SACRIFICE something to get there!

Can YOU say that about your success? I bet there are some things that you'd rather change if you could aren't there? It might be that you want...

- More free time to have more fun or to spend time with your family because you're working too hard.
- More income from your business without you having to put yet more hours in.
- A better relationship with your spouse and children. (Or maybe find time for a relationship at all!).
- Better overall health and fitness because you don't have time to eat properly because you are so busy.
- Even just a bit more balance so that you don't feel like you sacrificing something just to earn a good living.

Any of these sound familiar?

If they do, then you're in the right place! But first, before I explain how I KNOW I can help you - I want you to just read the following sentence and think about how you would feel...

...When EVERYTHING Just Falls Into Place. Great Income. Fulfilling Lifestyle. Amazing Relationships. Fantastic Health.

How Would That FEEL When You Can Wake Up With A Huge Smile On Your Face Every Morning...Knowing That You Are Exactly On The Right Path For A Great Life?

You may not currently believe it...but I'm here to tell you that, yes, it IS possible!

I know because I personally LIVE THAT LIFE! Despite the many personal challenges over the years, I've got more free time than I have ever had, I enjoy working more than I ever did, have the best relationship I've ever had with my daughters, and am in a fulfilling and happy relationship with my 'soul mate' despite my wife of 14 years leaving me just over a year ago.

The thing is - I know EXACTLY how I made it all happen. And I know EXACTLY what I need to do in order to keep it going AND make every area of my life even better. Can YOU say that about YOUR life? Are YOU 100% completely in control of what happens to you?

Not only that, I know some of the most successful people in both the Internet marketing and self-improvement fields online, and I've tapped into what THEY are doing too. However, you'd be surprised at how FEW of the successful people you see online at the moment actually have great and fulfilling lives. Many of them pull all-nighters, have crap relationships with their families, are over-worked and over-stressed as they are constantly chasing the 'dream'.

I don't know about you - but I'd much rather have time to actually ENJOY my life and family at the same time as being financially successful!

As you know, money can certainly make your life easier, and enable you to do things that many people aren't able to.

However, I'm sure you'll agree that, even when you do have a good income, there is no guarantee that it will make you happy in every area of your life.

Why I can help you...

Business Experience
- I got to senior management at a merchant bank in the City of London, so I know how to effectively climb the career ladder.
- I was a business analyst for a software company so I understand how businesses work, where their blocks are, and how to use technology to take care of some 'heavy lifting' that free up both time and man power.
- If the same software company had listened to me within 24 hours of my consultancy to one of the biggest banks in the world, they would have saved themselves $1m+ in lost fees and the loss of their reputation, as I spotted a fundamental flaw in what they were offering.

Entreprenurial Experience

- I've been earning an income solely from marketing my expertise on the Internet since December 2001. Not many people can say that they have lasted that long online! (You can see most of my products here - www.vurnum.com)
- Not only am I an expert in the self-improvement industry, I am also in demand as a speaker on Internet marketing. (I recently presented at the 'Internet Masters Seminar')
- I have an outsource team that takes care of the more mundane aspects of my work which allows me to work whenever I want, wherever I want.
- I have built systems using both people and technology to create a process which enables me to leverage the Internet to take my business to the next level. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that I have completely automated that very few people believe is possible!
- Because of all this, I 'work' at most, four hours a day, five days a week.

Coaching Experience
- I've run three different types of mentor programs over the years ranging from $697 to $10,000 per person.
- My 'completion rates' of these programs are un-heard of in any industry, purely because of the way I deliver and how I hold the participants accountable. Too many 'experts' value their contribution in terms of how much money they can make from their programs. I measure mine on whether you complete them or not and get your money's worth!
- I have done limited 1-on-1 coaching in the past and have charged upwards of $500 an hour for specific coaching. However, as I prefer totally hands-free income, I only do coaching when I feel like doing so.
- I was the 'Dean of the School of Emarketing' at Coachville and created the syllabus for the program, so I certainly have some respect within the coaching industry as an expert.

'Life' Experience
- Health and Fitness : I lost 60lbs in 5 months two years ago using my mindset techniques so certainly know what it takes to lose weight. I now find it easy to exercise regularly when I was never able to before.
- Loss : I lost my severly disabled son, Connor, at four-and-a-half years old, so certainly know how possible it is to rebuild your life when it's easier to let grief overtake it.
- Relationships : I had 14 happy years with my ex-wife until she decided that she didn't like me around the house any more! (Unfortunately, she is still stuck in the 'work hard and struggle through life' mentality). Still, 14 years isn't bad...and now in less than a year I am in a new relationship that is better than my old one, so I certainly know how to attract the right partner into your life!
- Parenting : I'm certainly not the best parent in the world (who is?) but I certainly know how to have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship with my daughters of 3 and 12, at the same time as letting them grow as confident individuals.

Look. The last thing you want from a coach is someone who just 'coaches by the by book' who doesn't understand what you are going through, and who cannot possibly see a path out for you!

You're already successful - so you need people in your life who will challenge you, inspire you, and help you achieve the life that you KNOW you are capable of! You don't need people who are 'below' you in terms of their own growth.

You wouldn't take financial advice from a broke financial adviser - so why take advice from a coach or mentor that is only specialized in one particular field - when you need to bring EVERYTHING together in your life?

Not only do I know what makes successful people 'tick' - I've proved to you that I walk the talk in my OWN life! Bear in mind also that I haven't survived making a living on the Internet for almost seven years without a SINGLE negative criticism of what I do without a very good reason.

I'm someone just like you. I'm successful at what I do. I know what drives me. I know what I'm good at. I know what it feels like to really excel at something.

I started from scratch leaving school at 16 with very few useful qualifications. I've had the peaks and the troughs. The triumphs and the near-bankruptcy. The fallout from being successful along with the rewards of the nice house and nice car.

The difference is now that the more successful I get - the EASIER my life becomes! And, if this isn't the case for you right now - then I want to help make it happen for YOU!

I help successful people become more successful on their own terms.

That's what I do.

And I get results.

Every single time.

In fact. I guarantee it!

And...I want to help YOU in such a way that, as far as I am aware, NOBODY has ever done before!

Let's face it, if you're like me...

- You haven't got the time to wade through 'do it yourself' stuff, you haven't had time to go through what's already on your bookshelf, as you've got enough going on as it is.
- You already know what works for you, and don't want some generic 'one size fits all' program that doesn't tap into the strengths you already know you have.
- You don't want someone to hold you by the hand and give you some coaching B.S. - you just want honest, straight-to-the-point, opinions and feedback.
- You don't want to sign up for the latest program by the latest 'guru to the gurus' only to find that the 1-on-1 time is at midnight for ten minutes on the third Tuesday of the month!

Well...this isn't 'coaching'. Or a 'program'. This is a PARTNERSHIP.

Definition : Partnership - A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.

In fact, it's a success partnership between the two of us for the achievement of the specific goal of taking YOU to the next level of success on YOUR terms!

- This is me involved in your life as much as you want me to.
- At your 'beck and call'. Available at a moment's notice for some advice.
- To inspire you when you feel a little flat.
- To help you uncover even more of your talents.
- To fight against that 'little voice' inside your head that tells you you're not worthy or not good enough.
- To change your thinking about what you're capable of.
- To help you understand that what you've achieved so far is nothing compared to what you could achieve!
- To use all my business, entreprenurial, and life experience to help you change the way you look at your life completely.
- To enable you to STILL be more successful than you currently are without ANY compromise or sacrifice along the way.

This is the unparelleled access you will get to me and my experience...

- Two 1-on-1 phone calls with me each month at a time that suits you. There is NO set duration for these as I firmly believe that if something is important - it shouldn't be squeezed into a specific time just because that's what everyone else does. We could be on the phone for fifteen minutes or five hours...we'll finish when YOU are finished! These won't just be me 'teaching' and you listening - this will be a proper focused conversation about what we need to accomplish...and believe me, I'll be holding you accountable for pushing your comfort zone!
- My 'family and friends' personal cellphone number. If there's something you need to talk about you can call me anytime you want. If I'm eating dinner with my family or at the ballpark with my three-year-old then we'll arrange to talk as soon as I'm finished if I can't speak immediately.
- My personal Skype ID. My Skype is on all the time that I am online - so you will be able to contact me easily any time I am working. This is also great for when I'm travelling.
- Complete access to ANY of my products both now and in the future. Plus you can have full use of my systems and processes that I use to run my behind-the-scenes Internet marketing business.
- You'll become part of my 'Inner Circle'. You wouldn't believe some of the things I have planned over the coming months...and you will automatically be part of my group of contacts. For example, when I speak at seminars, I'll get you an invite and introduce you to the speakers you want to meet. My brother Mark is also an Internet marketing expert in his own right who has 'retired' to Cyprus. You'll also get access to anything that he and I are working on. I think you get the idea.


- If you are still committed to your success, after six months we will arrange a 1-to-1 meeting, where I will personally spend a minimum of SIX hours working with you on whatever we feel is important.

And...this is how you will benefit from working with me on designing your future on YOUR terms...

- We will work towards directing you with a lazer-like focus on where you really want to be.
- You will come away from each phone call/contact inspired to move forward. 
- I will challenge you to push your boundaries like you have NEVER done before! (But in a positive and inspiring way.)
- You will have ALL of my knowledge and experience at your disposal. Sometimes it's not easy to see the most obvious things when they're right in front of you. I'm an expert at getting past the mind-chatter and excuses and identifying exactly how you are getting in your own way!
- Together we work towards YOU seeing your capabilities as great as I do. You won't believe the quantum leaps you can make in every area of your life once you start really believing and feeling what you're capable of.
- Not only will I get you acting more like a hugely successful person, I will get you really feeling what's possible!

So...why am I doing this?

Well...since my seperation, I've taken the time to reflect on the sort of people I want to spend my time with, and more importantly, I've systematized my business to the extent that I have a lot of free time on my hands now. Of course, there are many things I already do to fill up this time, but I still get an amazing buzz from talking to people who are going places. People just like YOU in fact!

To be honest, I could work on new programs to sell at the lower end of the market - but I'm now choosing to take a different direction and work with people who appreciate the difference I can make in their lives, who can see that working in partnership with me is a worthwhile investment of your time, energy, and money.

To be perfectly frank, I can only really help those people who are struggling to find $19.95 for my membership site so much. Firstly, because my time is valuable. And, more importantly, it would take me a long time to get their mindset and self-belief up to YOUR level.

And HERE is where I can provide you with the biggest leaps as without realizing it - you ALREADY hold the key to huge success in EVERY area of your level because you are already successful in at least one area of it!

Not only that, some of my best friends are those people who paid me $10,000 two years ago to be on my Mentor Program. They've become business partners, drinking buddies, and even friends of my family as a whole! Not only that, they've also made huge strides in their personal life because of the relationship we have. And...I've certainly learned a lot from them, too.

Don't believe me? Well...here's what a couple of ex-students of mine had to say about how I changed their lives...

"There are few people one comes across in life, who really give more than they promise, the majority just try to take you for all they can and hence we have a much maligned and distrusting society. I know, because I have paid several times over for trusting people I later regretted trusting.

Gary, I believe you can hold your head high, as my experience to date with you has been the best I have had in so far as getting more than promised and value for money, in fact I would go as far as saying you have dealt with me as you would with a friend and that is a rare find in business.

Thank you for your help and sincerity, and for the Program that I look forward to every week.

Best Regards to you and your family. Have a Wonderful Day!"
-Fred Merlo (Victoria, Australia)

"I've read a wealth of personal development books, attended seminars, listened to audio programs and participated in teleclasses but NOTHING compares to the impact of "The Truth About Success"!

During the program I learned so much about ME (as opposed to simply learning tools/techniques) and made many changes. I know, for the first time in my life, those changes are lasting.

I'm proud to have been a participant in your first (and possibly last!) mentor program and thank you for the most valuable experience of my life."
- Diane Johnston (Aberdeen, UK)

I'll be honest with you. I ONLY want to work closely with people who are willing to move forward. That's why this unique Partnership is ONLY aimed at people just like you. And, because of the unrestricted access you get to me, then obviously this is reflected in the level of your investment.

However, when you compare your monthly investment (which you cancel at ANY time, by the way) to some of the latest 'cookie cutter' programs where you get very little real time with the actual expert themselves, then you can see what an excellent investment it really is.

Your monthly investment in our Partnership is just $997...and I fully guarantee YOUR success, otherwise I will refund you in full.

And...as you would expect, there is a limit on how many people whom I can work so closely with. Therefore, I have only FOUR Partnership places available - as I want to devote as much time as YOU want me to on creating your future.

Look. I've charged upwards of $1,000 for a single hour's consultation, and in my Mentor Program two years ago, ten people gladly paid me $10,000 for just one hour's coaching call a month for a year.

In a way, I will get as much out of our partnership as you will - just in a different way. As you know, it's a great feeling when you spend your time talking with people who really inspire you!

I Guarantee You WILL Succeed. Period. Here's How...

If you don't feel that I helped improve your life in the way you expect, we'll agree to part as friends, and I'll refund ALL of your investment to date IN FULL.

If you can find another 'coach', 'mentor', 'expert' or 'guru' who is willing to stand by what they can do to the extent that they are willing to give up so much of their 1-on-1 time yet still offer a full 100% refund policy then let me know! This means you are taking ZERO risk in working with me. I have got a fantastic reputation so I certainly will stand by my guarantee to over-deliver for YOU.

This guarantee means that I will be as focused as you on making sure that you take your life to new levels, as, if I don't deliver for you, YOU don't pay!

In Summary...

What's In It For You?

1. Whatever goals you are aiming for in life, I will be right there next to you - fighting your corner.
2. You will grow more than you will ever think possible.
3. You will have UNLIMITED access to me at ANY time for advice, support, ideas, conversation, or just a good kick!
4. You will tap into my experience (and success) in many different areas of life. I can guarantee that I can make your life better in every way. That's some claim, but I wouldn't guarantee it if I couldn't do it!
5. Once you're part of my 'Inner Circle' then it's for life. As I grow myself, I'll also be in a position to share with you my experiences and lessons, so I'll always be pulling you forward.

Why Does It Make Sense For You To Be In Such A Partnership With Me?

1. You've already proved that you can be successful by most peoples' terms. I'll show you how to take it to the next level.
2. After seven years online, I've still got an excellent reputation, as well as many happy customers and clients. (just some testimonials are here).
3. People have paid me $10k for my programs in the past and they were more than happy with what I delivered, so you can be sure that your small investment will be returned many times over.
4. This isn't just some 'you pay me to mentor you for an hour a week' relationship. You will have unlimited access to someone who has a lifestyle that most people can only dream of.
5. I can guarantee that you'll struggle to find any coach or mentor who will give you so much of their 1-on-1 time...yet STILL guarantee that you will get results. I can do this because I'm great at what I do.

Why Is This Partnership Different?

1. This isn't some 'cookie-cutter' Program where you have limited contact with the real expert. This is YOU and ME, 1-to-1 ALL of the time!
2. We'll work together on taking you to the next level, and I will personally tailor all of my knowledge, expertise, contacts, and my experience specifically to YOU.
3. If you can find ANY expert who will give you such complete access to them 24-hours a day for just one flat investment, then let me know.
4. Nobody that does any coaching or mentoring 1-on-1 will guarantee to refund you ALL of your previous investments should you not be happy with your results. I can do this because I KNOW that THIS WILL WORK for you!
5. Both you and I are already successful, so neither us wants to just mess around. You don't need to wade through more Programs and work stuff out for yourself. I don't need to work with people who won't step up, take responsibility, and take action. This Partnership won't focus on the stuff you don't need to know - just the stuff that will ensure you take your life to the next level - on YOUR terms.

Well...that's it. I've said all that I can say. To be honest with you, I don't need to try to persuade you that our Partnership is right for you. You'll know whether it is or not. I'm a firm believer that my path will only cross with those people who are lined up to go to truly great levels...so if YOU are one of those people - then I can't wait to get started on taking YOUR LIFE to the next level of huge success, can you?

Just click here to now to be just one of only FOUR people whom I will partner with and guarantee their future success.

To Our Success!

Gary Vurnum

P.S. If you're still not sure of how much I can truly help you move forwards in ways you would never dream possible, then I'll leave the last word to another of my ex-students from one of my previous Programs...

"The Program really helped me focus in on my strengths and to see clearly what weaknesses were keeping me from getting where I desired to go in my life. Not only that, but Gary gave me great practical advice on how to actually overcome the obstacles that were in my way.

After going through this Program, I now know I can do anything I set my mind to.

This Program is absolutely, positively tranformational!"
- Pamela Urbanavage (Pennsylvania, USA)

P.P.S. If you still have any questions, then please feel free to email me : gary at sofsuccess.com. I sometimes take a little while to reply as I'm regularly on vacation or just taking a break from work, but I promise that I will get back to you.